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You want to make a difference in the lives of your athletic students. And you sure wouldn’t mind earning good money while you do that.

Maybe you even nurture a secret dream of having a huge impact by working with athletes, from your local running club to your local professional teams. 

You could become everyone’s favorite yoga teacher, a hero who helps their students reach peak performance in sports while achieving balance in life.

But you might not yet have a clear vision for how you can start to reach the athletes you want to help. On your worst days, you even feel like an imposter, a phony. Like you couldn’t possibly have the skill and know-how to reach your pie-in-the-sky goals of turning athletes into champions.

Every teacher ought to feel like they matter to their students, like they are spreading yoga’s gifts. That goes for you, whether you are teaching professional athletes or “regular” people—and regular people deserve balance and peak performance, too.

The best teacher of all is experience. And in my twenty-plus years of teaching yoga to athletes, experience has taught me well! I want to use my decades of experience to help you:

Maybe your niche is teaching yoga to athletes, like me
  • earn $150–$400 or more per lesson
  • land your dream gig working with athletes
  • take your teaching skills and your career to the next level
  • feel confident teaching athletes of all sports and levels in studio, gym, or one-on-one settings
  • expand your understanding of yoga, sports training, and the connections between them so you can serve your students best
  • earn CEUs or work toward your 300/500-hour training
  • get my direct attention and mentorship throughout

As you’ll see when you poke around this website, over two decades I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge about sports, yoga, good teaching, and how all these subjects mesh to create fantastic yoga teachers who lead meaningful classes to athletes both at their training facilities and in packed studios.

I want to help you get there. Here’s step one:

The workshop will show you how you can build up your career (and, yes, your bank account) teaching yoga to athletes. And you’ll be making a big difference in your students’ lives.

Don’t wait to get started because you don’t feel like you’ll make the grade. In the free workshop, you’ll learn that you probably already have everything you need to elevate your career and double your income while making a big difference in your students’ lives.

I’ll see you in the workshop!

When you’re ready to level up your game and land your dream gig in six weeks, you’ll want to join my online yoga for athletes teacher training.

This extensive online yoga teacher training includes on-demand video, written materials, templates and a workbook, lots of feedback from me, and live online meetings.

You’ll become an expert on yoga for athletes and feel confident landing the gigs of your dreams while having a huge impact on your students.

Work at your own pace and at a time that’s convenient for you, and use your lifetime access to review the materials (and new additions) at your leisure.

program graduates

Hundreds of teachers around the world have graduated from Teaching Yoga to Athletes. A few notable alumni:

this yoga for athletes teacher training includes

  • The Lectures: easy-to-understand video lessons with searchable transcripts so you understand the philosophy, physiology, and psychology of teaching yoga to athletes
  • The Manual: read along to more fully digest the information you’ll be learning to advance your career
  • The Library: get hard-to-find copies of my early books to help you understand the athlete’s perspective and feel comfortable teaching yoga to athletes
  • The Workbook: exercises you’ll complete with my feedback so you feel really confident you’ve mastered the material
  • Movement Analysis Tool: learn quick, simple ways to assess your students’ needs
  • Classroom Coaching: I’ll personally review your teaching and help you improve quickly—with friendly support
  • Pitch Support: together, we’ll get your website and marketing materials in order and devise the best plan to get you the gigs you want
  • Two 1:1 Strategy Calls so we can make the most of your journey through the course and into your career

Students from New York to New Zealand, Canada to Malawi, and Copenhagen to Kenya have loved this course and find that going all in on your teaching career reaps amazing gains. If you’ve been dreaming of working with athletes of all sports and levels, or even simply wondering how yoga fits in your own training, this course will give you concrete skills to:

  • serve your students and elevate their game and focus
  • sharpen your skills teaching athletes and everyone
  • grow your business so you can do more of the work you love
  • double (or triple, or quadruple) both your income and your impact as you turn athletes into champions

you’ll also receive these bonuses

  • A Year’s Worth of Monthly Office Hours: live 90-minute meetings so you can ask all your questions, even once you’re done with the training and working with athletes (this is where questions often arise, and having a mentor is priceless!)
  • The Complete Yoga for Athletes Curriculum with follow-along classes, lesson plans, and meditations you can teach as is or adapt to suit your students
  • My Full Movement and Meditation Libraries so you can practice self-care and keep up your own studenthood while getting fresh ideas to teach to your own classes
  • Professionalism Templates that help you pitch teams, write your biography, spiff up your website, and generate helpful content

is this yoga for athletes teacher training right for you?

This course empowers teachers—or teachers-to-be—of any style of yoga to begin teaching yoga to athletes.

It has also proved useful for:

  • coaches
  • PE teachers
  • personal trainers
  • physical therapists
  • athletes interested in designing their own practices

you’ll learn how to teach yoga to athletes of every kind

In the course, we cover:

  • Philosophy: learn clear and easy ways to describe yoga philosophy in ways your athletes will appreciate
  • Physiology: consider the role yoga plays in the context of a training cycle so you can best serve your students
  • Psychology: understand the needs, abilities, and limitations that athletes bring to a yoga practice
  • Pedagogy: learn to design and lead classes for athletes of various sports, differing levels of experience, and all points in the training cycle
  • Profession: define your business goals, structure a working plan, and embark on a successful career teaching yoga to athletes and everyone

“Sage has a way of meeting the athlete where they are and using yoga to enhance them. She does a wonderful job of teaching yoga teachers to have that same connection.”

Jamie McDaniel

Teaching Yoga to Athletes student

the value of this yoga for athletes teacher training

  • Teaching Yoga to Athletes: The Lectures: $799
  • Teaching Yoga To Athletes: The Manual: $99
  • Teaching Yoga To Athletes: The Library: $99
  • Teaching Yoga to Athletes: The Workbook: $99
  • Movement Analysis Tool: $99
  • Classroom Coaching: $1,200
  • Pitch Support: $800
  • 1:1 Strategy Calls: $800

the total value of the core of the training: $3,995

And the bonuses:

  • Monthly Office Hours: $3,000
  • The Complete Yoga for Athletes Curriculum: $900
  • Movement and Meditation Libraries: $2,100
  • Professionalism Templates: $500

the total value of these bonuses: $6,500

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frequently asked questions

How long will Teaching Yoga to Athletes take me to complete?

Each unit has reading, videos, and homework. The reading could be two or three hours per unit; the videos are between three and four hours per unit. Homework will take an additional two or three hours, with the exception of unit 3 homework, which will take longer, as it involves going to classes. There are also resources for additional study that could add many hours.

Then, there is an exam (say, three hours), and recording/watching/self-critiquing a teaching video, which will take at least three more. (I’ll get feedback to students on homework, exam, and video within two weeks of their submission, and I aim to answer questions sooner than that.) We’ll also consult as needed, which will probably be a few more hours of chat time (phone or video).

Putting that together, estimate 8–10 hours per unit x 5 = 40–50 hours for the content, plus another 8–10 more for the certification materials.

What if I’m not sure I want to work with athletes?

The Teaching Yoga to Athletes course is really an exercise in figuring out how to help our students by determining what stresses they undergo in daily life—whether through sports training, a tough job, or illness and injury—and learning to devise routines to support them. In that way, it’s appropriate for all yoga teachers, especially those who want to sharpen their abilities to work with special populations.

Your early books focus on endurance athletes. Does Teaching Yoga to Athletes include all sports?

Indeed! We discuss everything from curling to surfing. Each unit contains homework and discussion that will get you thinking about the best ways to help athletes in all sports. You’ll get to focus on the sports of particular interest to you, and to hear from others about their interests.

Is Teaching Yoga to Athletes geared to new teachers, or experienced teachers?

Everyone, including non–yoga teachers. But the more experience you have, the better, whether it’s as a yoga teacher, as a coach, or as a personal trainer or physical therapist. The course guides you through several exercises (with my feedback) to structure useful routines for athletes in various sports and at different stages in their training cycles. If you have experience teaching movement, great; if you only have experience doing movement, you are welcome, too. We go beyond the poses, as well, to create meditations and visualizations to help sharpen the mental game. Finally, we investigate the profession, covering questions on pricing, business structure, and marketing.

Will I earn CEUs?

Yes! If you track Yoga Alliance CEUs, you can claim 30 for completing this course. (The amount of time you spend in the course and working with me can go far beyond 30 hours if you want to dig deep, but that’s the current maximum CEUs I can offer per YA guidelines.)

Does this count toward my 300/500 certification?

It will indeed, if you are doing your certification with me! If you are doing it elsewhere, I am happy to advocate for you with your teacher trainer.

let’s go!

Don’t drop the ball!

Lean forward at the tape and win the career of your dreams.

I can’t wait to help you turn athletes into champions!