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Variations on Vinyasa

In my class this week (join me for a repeat Thursday night at 5:45), there are a lot of opportunities for the vinyasa from plank through chaturanga to cobra or upward-facing dog to downward-facing dog. This opportunity happens about forty times in the sequence, which begins with warm-up moves, builds to standing poses, and segues… Read more »

Speaking with Intention

In spare moments over the last month, I’ve worked my way through Nick Morgan’s book Trust Me, on public speaking. It’s full of interesting information about the interaction between the verbal and the nonverbal conversation. Morgan explains that the nonverbal conversation dominates; if there’s a conflict between body language and spoken language, the audience will… Read more »

Delays and Detours

“Delays and detours to my limited vision are actually the perfect path unfolding to a higher eye.” —Julia Cameron I came across that epigraph earlier this week in a funny little book called Blessings, by Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way. While I liked it enough to post it to my Twitter feed, little… Read more »

Kripalu, February 2010

The people who traveled to Kripalu to study with me in a weekend intensive on yoga for athletes were uniformly lovely. We had the expected array of runners, triathletes, and yoga teachers, as well as a former collegiate rower, now coaching; a seriously competitive Ultimate Frisbee player; and a woman teaching yoga to a university… Read more »

On Indoor Cycling

At the end of this week, I’ll teach the last of the indoor cycling classes I’ve led every Tuesday and Thursday for almost four years. It has been a wonderful experience, because my students have been so special. Most came to the class from other indoor-bike classes, expecting a rip-roaring workout, and sometimes they got… Read more »

Your Dream Running and Yoga Retreat

As this year wraps up, I’m planning my 2010 teaching schedule. I’ve reserved the fabulous facility at ZAP Fitness in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina for two weekends, May 14–16 and October 22–24. It’s a wonderful place to spend the weekend doing yoga and running (and eating, and sleeping, and hot-tubbing), and my… Read more »

Coffee Table Yoga

Today was my last trip of the season to teach yoga to the UNC football team. They’ve had a good season, which officially ends next Saturday but which will continue to a bowl game. My role is as part of the lift-and-flush workout, in which they do some light weights and running, plus yoga. It’s… Read more »

Early Bird Special at Kripalu

Kripalu is offering an early-bird special of a 10-percent discount off my February weekend workshop. If you’re wondering, “Who or what is Kripalu?” the answer is that it’s a lovely yoga center in the Berkshires in western Massachusetts, not far from Albany or Hartford. The grounds are beautiful, especially covered with February snow, and you… Read more »

ZAP Retreat, 2009

My husband, Wes, and I are back from our annual visit to lead a yoga and running retreat to ZAP Fitness, the wonderful training center in the Blue Ridge Mountains. (Wes’s title is “cruise director”: he keeps the conversation flowing, he provides the drinks, and he models how to listen to your body and make… Read more »