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Coming in Two Months: The Professional Yoga Teacher’s Handbook

Two months from today, The Professional Yoga Teacher’s Handbook will be officially published! Between now and then, I’m working on an updated website with lots of resources for teachers of every level of experience. These are keyed to the book, which is full of workbook prompts from the global (find your why) to the specific (make an outline for your workshops).

Yesterday I dipped into the book proofs to be sure that my advice for online teaching and content creation is holding up as the pandemic wears on. I’d inserted thousands of words to the original page proofs to keep the book current amid a global pivot to video teaching. To my relief, it’s all still relevant at this point, and I trust it will be in two months—so if you want to learn how to start or improve your online presence, even if you’re a brand-new teacher or a technology-phobe, this book is for you.

What I hadn’t noticed but what was pointed out to me by Alexandra (DeSiato, Alexandra, page 32), is how wonderful the index is. (The publisher arranges the indexing.) Expect gems like:

  • privileges, recognizing, 109–10
  • students best served elsewhere, 164


  • truckers, long haul, 38–39

alongside the more conventional

  • locations
    • online classes, 202
    • physical studio, one-person, 183–84
    • private lessons, 207
    • scouting, 207–8
    • virtual studio, one-person, 185–86
    • workshops, 194–96

You can preorder the book in paperback or e-book format (an audiobook is coming, too!) from your favorite bookseller. My publisher’s site has conveniently collected the links for you here!