From Prone

Prone Centering

Six Moves Prone, Child’s Pose

  • Child’s pose (or belly down)
  • Lateral child’s pose (or lateral belly down)
  • Cat/cow
  • Threading the needle twist

Six Moves Prone, Leg Extended

  • Cat/cow, R leg extended
  • Threading the needle twist toward R
  • Gate pose toward R
  • L hand under L shoulder, modified side plank away from R leg

Six Moves Prone, Leg Swing

  • Table pose, pulse back into calf stretch by rolling over toes
  • Cat/cow with leg swings
  • Wag tail, tap toes to opposite side (“check your mirrors”)
  • Glute kick, drop toes to same side (“outrigger”) and twist toward leg

Six Moves Prone, One Leg

  • Sphinx
  • Lizard: bent R knee to right, hike toward shoulder
  • Side bend: look over R shoulder toward R knee, optionally straighten L arm
  • Thread the needle: slide L arm under R shoulder, twist chest to ceiling

Inchworm Flow

  • Child’s pose
  • Inhale, child’s pose–>cow; exhale, cat–> child’s pose
  • Inhale through cow, exhale through knees-down upward-facing dog to floor, inhale to pushup on knees, exhale to child’s pose
  • Add cobra, locust to sequence
  • Add side bending and twisting to sequence