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Follow Along and Build Balance

Introducing the Movement Library, follow-along videos led by me, Sage Rountree. This is for readers of my books, athletes, tight and tired people, and YOU! Let’s practice together!

This movement library is organized like a restaurant menu: you can choose an appetizer (a warmup), a main (a standing or mat sequence), and/or a dessert (just finishing poses).

Or let me serve you a tasting menu (one of the fuller practices).

In “From the Vault,” you’ll also find a host of classes I’ve recorded over the years, and my contribution to the first wave of podcasting.

Get started with a seven-day free trial. Then your subscription auto-renews monthly for only $29—less than the price of a drop-in class at my studio. Each renewal is a prepayment for the next month; no refunds are given. You can easily cancel your subscription yourself by logging in to your account.

As a bonus when you subscribe, you’ll also receive access to the Mindfulness Library and the Sequence Library (shorter demo versions of the follow-along videos here—great for planning a class or your own practice)!

I’m all ears if you have requests or notice any technical glitches! Reach me at —Sage