The Runner’s Guide to Yoga Videos

These videos accompany the second edition of The Runner’s Guide to Yoga. For context and explanation of how, when, and where to use these videos, as well as all you need to know to balance your runner’s body with yoga, please buy the book! The videos are narrated by Sage and demonstrated by Jenni Tarma.

Chapter 9: Preventing Acute Injury

Mountain Pose Alignment Check

Chapter 15: Routines for Dynamic Warm-Up Before a Run

Sun Salutations with Lunges

Sun Salutations, variations A and B

Modified Sun Salutations

Arrow Lunge Sequence

Warrior III

Warrior III with Leg Extensions

Chapter 17: Routines Following an Easy Run

Standing Balance Poses

Hand-to-Knee Sequence

Standing Hip Stretches

Plank Series

Dynamic Core Sequence

Boat Series

IT Band Series

Pigeon Flow

Head-to-Knee Flow

Lunge Series

Chapter 18: Routines Following a Hard Run or Race

Standing Cat-Cow Flow

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