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America’s leading expert on yoga for active people, Sage Rountree, shares her approach to practicing yoga every day in this colorful, lay-flat guide to yoga poses and routines.

Flexibility, balance, whole-body strength, recovery, range of motion, focus—a regular yoga practice brings many benefits to people who lead active lives. For athletes in particular, the dynamic stretching of athlete-friendly yoga poses and properly designed yoga exercises can counteract the tightness and imbalances that come from daily workouts.

In Everyday Yoga, certified coach and registered yoga teacher Sage Rountree shares the yoga positions and exercises she has developed in her own yoga studio, at Kripalu, and working with active people during her popular yoga clinics around the country. She guides experienced yoga practitioners and yoga beginners on the best ways to design and develop their own at-home yoga routines.

Everyday Yoga provides endless opportunities to explore and practice yoga in your own home:

  • How to design yoga sessions to address the whole body or specific areas
  • How to sequence yoga poses for a satisfying practice
  • How to create yoga routines of varying duration from 5 to 50 minutes
  • How to make yoga poses easier or more challenging

Each Everyday Yoga routine moves the spine in every direction and loosens tight hips in routines that can last from 5 to 50 minutes, leaving readers satisfied and relaxed. By sequencing several routines together, readers can build stronger, more flexible, injury-resistant bodies.


“Sage is an excellent instructor who brings a fresh perspective to yoga, making it accessible to everyone.  Everyday Yoga is a great resource of information for anyone interested in yoga.”
—Tiffany Cruikshank, founder, Yoga Medicine

Everyday Yoga is fantastic and a great addition to the yoga library.”
—Kathryn Budig, author, The Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga and Aim True

Everyday Yoga is a get-started guide to a home practice for athletes.”
Triathlete magazine

Everyday Yoga is a wonderful resource for creating and supporting a home-based practice…It’s simple to use, reference, and navigate. Incredibly helpful for creating and modifying yoga pose sequencing and providing inspiration for a home yoga practice.”
―Timothy Burgin, YogaBasics.com

“I’ve been following Rountree’s work for years―she’s so great at making yoga really accessible, particularly for athletes who may not feel like they have the time or bendiness necessary to get into yoga . . . Everyday Yoga is one of the most helpful tools in my at-home yoga arsenal!”
―Fit Bottomed Girls

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