The Art of Yoga Sequencing


An inclusive guide for yoga teachers and practitioners to create balanced movement sequences and well-rounded classes for all students.

Discover a unified theory for sequencing fresh, contemporary yoga and mindful-movement classes that reflect the diversity of modern practitioners.

Yoga instruction innovator Sage Rountree’s approach to teaching grows from a simple truth: bodies feel better when they move in many different ways and directions. And when they feel better, they work to make the world a freer, more liberated place.

But in a social-media fueled yoga scene that over-celebrates acrobatic, unrealistic poses, it’s easy for even the most experienced instructor to lose touch with their students. The fix is clear: Real students need simple lessons taught clearly. 

Yoga teacher, trainer, and bestselling author Sage Rountree draws on years of expert experience to offer a fresh, contemporary approach to yoga sequencing and mindful movement that reflects the diversity and meets the needs of the modern yogi.

The Art of Yoga Sequencing celebrates students of all kinds, styles, and levels. Grounded in exercise physiology while honoring yoga traditions, Rountree’s new offering includes:

  • Adaptable examples, templates, and preset lesson plans
  • 475 inclusive photos demonstrating over 35 full sequences
  • Actionable tips for increasing student accessibility
  • Creative ideas for props, lighting, music, and more

Whether you’re a current or aspiring teacher or advanced practitioner, you’ll find here every tool you need to create inspired yoga classes and home practices. Even if you teach in a set format—like at a franchise or strongly branded studio—this yoga tool kit will help you lead students along any path with a clarity that honors all bodies.

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