Donation-Based Yoga

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending class at cambio., a donation-based studio in Colorado Springs. The class was billed as “Crosstraining Yoga,” appropriate for runners and cyclists, so I brought a copy of The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga, although I felt unsure whether that would be an appropriate donation in exchange for class. Was it too egocentric? Would cash be better?

But my donation was well received, and I was honored by the studio owners’ enthusiasm. All three of them were present in class, which was lovely: the room was warm (but not hot) and humid, a welcome climate for my North Carolina–based body after spending a week at altitude. We had fun with hip openers, and I learned a few wonderful new moves to work the hips and chest from a prone position. Thank you, Austin, Amber, and Cassandra!
The concept of donation-based yoga is growing, and it’s a good one. The owners tell me that in the month they’ve been open, they’ve received artwork, electrical work, and cleaning services in exchange for class. What would you give in exchange for a good class?