Grand Opening Reception: Hillsborough Spa and Day Retreat

Hillsborough Spa Grand Opening

I like to fancy myself the expert on not working out. I wrote a whole book on it, The Athlete’s Guide to RecoveryAttention to self-care is a critical part of the stress/rest balance. Without stress, you never grow; without rest, you never grow, either, because rest is where the adaptation to stress takes place.

If you’re looking for a place to rest in central North Carolina, here’s your spot: the Hillsborough Spa and Day Retreat. We offer massage, facials, and ample room and tools for quiet downtime. I can’t wait to show it to you, and I hope you can join the grand opening on Saturday, October 29, 3–6 p.m. We’ll have snacks, mini treatments, and space for you to sit and rest. See you there!