lotus candles encircle text reading Becoming a Yoga Writer

Know Yourself Better: Become a Yoga Writer

Much of yoga’s benefits lie in self-study (svadyaya). Turning your attention to your inner process is a way to know yourself better and to recognize, then quiet the fluctuations of your mind.

One way to do this is through writing! My friend Jilly Shipway is here to help.

Jilly is the author of several wonderful books on yoga and creativity. Chakras for Creativity is the most recent—it’s a great resource for getting to know your energetic body better as you tap into your creative side.

And now Jilly is offering an all-new online course: Become a Yoga Writer. With prompts and cues and direct feedback from Jilly, you’ll go deep into your practice and your writing. What a great way to get to know yourself while honing your craft!

Just like your practice grows when you attend to it diligently, so will your writing. It takes a little bit of effort most days. Joining a course like this is like membership at a studio: it offers you routine and accountability in really useful ways!

The early bird rate for Become a Yoga Writer is offered now through November 20. The course will be quite small, so sign up ASAP to ensure you can join. I know it’ll be a fulfilling experience!