The Professional Yoga Teacher’s Handbook


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Also available as Ebook Audiobook For yoga teachers at every stage of their careers—not a what-to-teach guide but a how-to-teach guide There’s so much more to teaching yoga than doing yoga—from building a relationship with a studio (or opening your own) to navigating client relationships, publicizing classes, and avoiding burnout. Sage Rountree has been training yoga teachers for over a decade, and she’s heard the same concerns over and over: How can I help my students best? How can I keep my teaching fresh? How can I make smart choices around my schedule, my money, and the next steps in my career? The Professional Yoga Teacher’s Handbook speaks directly to these concerns in a warm, friendly voice—boosting teachers’ confidence in their ability to construct a heartfelt, balanced class, and to build a career that suits them. Rountree includes stories from her own experience, journal prompts, and thoughtful workbook exercises to help aspiring yoga teachers discern their path, and to provide current yoga teachers with much-desired continuing education. This is the book every yoga teacher needs!


“This clear-cut guide will help readers approach yoga teaching with professionalism and passion.” —Publishers Weekly “In The Professional Yoga Teacher’s Handbook, Sage Rountree gives movement teachers of any background the tools they need to succeed. This comprehensive book covers everything from choosing a teacher training to opening a studio. In her warm voice, Rountree offers advice on everything a yoga teacher needs to know. It’s all here: from planning a class to getting a job to dealing with students to creating videos and other online content—valuable information for the post-pandemic landscape. It is a must-have resource for every yoga teacher and every teacher in training!” —Tiffany Cruikshank, founder of Yoga Medicine “This incredibly useful handbook from industry leader Sage Rountree covers every facet of yoga teaching, from landing your first teaching job to creating and managing online content, to refining your yoga teaching language. Whether you’re an aspiring yoga teacher or have years of experience behind you, this guide will help you level-up your teaching craft and career within the current landscape of the modern yoga world.” —Jenni Rawlings, pioneer of science-based yoga, movement & instruction “In The Professional Yoga Teacher’s Handbook, Dr. Rountree incorporates her wide-ranging experience as a dedicated yogi, author, business owner, athlete, and master teacher to enhance and support the careers of yoga instructors at any stage of their professional journey. Her eloquent storytelling incorporates experiences from her personal journey to establish herself as a renowned yoga expert, while seamlessly integrating well-researched statistics. Sage offers advice within a practical, workbook style framework that allows the reader to ask thoughtful, self-reflective questions that will yield important revelations to expand any yoga career. An incredibly comprehensive and thoughtful review of the salient points, The Professional Yoga Teacher’s Handbook will be an invaluable addition to any yoga teacher’s library.” —Ingrid Yang, MD, JD, E-RYT500, C-IAYT, author of Hatha Yoga Asanas and Adaptive Yoga “No one can predict how the pandemic will continue to impact local yoga communities and the yoga industry at large. Yet Sage’s book is the business of yoga book that every 200-hour training program needs to have as required reading. Clear, practical, well-informed, and an honest ‘peek behind the curtain’ of being a yoga professional, this book is a game changer for yoga teachers who want to teach in an impactful, purposed, and far-reaching way, and do it for the long haul and as a career path.” —Octavia Raheem, co-owner of Sacred Chill West, author of Gather, and yoga teacher “How I wish I had this book when I first began teaching! Trenchant and practical, Sage Rountree offers a holistic map and guidebook for the aspiring or professional yoga teacher. Asana knowledge and yogic philosophy will only get you so far. The Professional Yoga Teacher points the way to ‘next level’ of your aspiration to teach, walking you through a truly integral strategy for the business and management of teaching yoga. A teacher training without the insights of this book is like buying a new car but forgetting to install a GPS or failing to fill up the tank. There is a code to becoming a successful yoga teacher, and Sage Rountree has generously made clear all the vital elements of that code.” —Josh Summers, Yin Yoga Trainer and host, Everyday Sublime podcast “Whether you’re embarking on your first teacher training program or you’ve been teaching for a decade, this book strikes every essential chord while providing a dose of ‘real talk’—vital for any yoga professional. Sage reminds the reader that ‘learning is a lifelong process,’ and her helpful prompts throughout the book, designed to distill ones intention and gain clarity, are invaluable exercises for all teachers at any juncture in their career. Relevant to today’s yoga culture, this book is an indispensable companion for anyone on the path of teaching yoga.” —Terry Cockburn, owner and director, Freeport Yoga Company “The Professional Yoga Teachers Handbook is an excellent guide to teaching yoga successfully without having to make many common mistakes. It includes sage advice on offering the best quality instruction in today’s climate, while setting up healthy boundaries to enjoy the rest of your life.” —Michael Johnson, founder, Clearlight Yoga

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