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Read: Add Some Downtime to Your Training Plan

Relax! It’ll make you faster. Better yet, it’ll make you a better person. This is the topic of The Runner’s Guide to Yoga, my recovery video series at Competitor Running, and this essay: Seasonality and cyclicality are engrained in our bodies, from the annual trip around the sun to the monthly cycle of the moon to… Read more »

Turn Off, Tune Up, Drop In

For the last few months, I’ve been writing a biweekly column on balance for Competitor Running. Sometimes this is literal balance; sometimes the topic is more figurative balance. (Competitor is also running my video series on recovery, my new hobby horse.) My most recent piece is a play on Timothy Leary’s famous “turn on, tune in, drop out.”… Read more »

Recovery Video Series: Part 1

In March, I spent two lovely days in sunny San Diego (stay classy!) filming a video series on athletic recovery and hanging out with two fantastic and inspiring role models: the preternaturally prolific fitness writer Matt Fitzgerald and the lovely, fiery, and fun yoga teacher/attorney Ingrid Yang. (You can find Matt’s books here and Ingrid’s… Read more »