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New! Core Strength for Real People: Dancer, Tree, Pigeon, Eagle

The first of the month means a new video is live at Core Strength for Real People! This one challenges your balance, then takes those shapes into dedicated core work. Enjoy the preview above, and buy or rent the entire video at the Core Strength for Real People page. Better yet, subscribe, and for less than the price… Read more »

Active Yogi: Change Your Mountain Pose

Being able to adjust to a small shift is critical for your sport performance, as well as your mental health! My latest post on Active Yogi details one shift that challenges you to recenter from the core. Sometimes a little shift can make a big difference in how things feel. Such is the case when… Read more »

Active Yogi: Bringing Balance to the Legs

Over at Active Yogi, we continue our exploration of balance for injury prevention. We’ve been investigating the imbalances that can lead to injury, both in asana and in sports, and recently looked at a self-test to explore balance left to right in the leg. The same test—a single-leg chair pose—also reveals balance between stren gth… Read more »

Active Yogi: Stand to Sit

My latest Active Yogi post explores the opposite of the tough sit-to-stand exercise we covered a few months ago. The converse of the tough sit-to-stand move is a transition in the other direction: lowering from standing to the floor as smoothly as possible. This exercise has a lot to teach us. It cultivates awareness of the body… Read more »

Sneak Peak: The Runner’s Guide to Yoga

If you like to plan your 2012 season way ahead, you might also like to order my newest book, The Runner’s Guide to Yoga, which will be out in April. It’s now available for preorder on Amazon (you’re guaranteed the best price when you preorder). Please check it out! I hope it is a useful… Read more »

Sage Advice: Shin Splints

A reader asked me for advice to share with a yoga student on shin splints. Here, my yoga books are less germane and The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery is more useful. Shin splints usually result from an imbalance between work and rest—too much mileage, too soon, and sometimes on too hard a surface. Things to check… Read more »

On Barefoot Running

I said Friday I didn’t want to open the barefoot running can of worms. Ross Tucker does it beautifully on the Science of Sport blog, in a recap from the ACSM meeting in Denver. Great reading.

In Praise of Juil Sandals

Regardless of my thoughts on minimalism in running shoes (a can of worms I greatly prefer not to open), I am a wholehearted advocate of letting your feet move naturally and, in yoga, in running, and in general, using only what we need to get the job done and nothing more (with a few aesthetic… Read more »