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Watch: Yoga for Athletic Balance, with Wall Work

As the beta of my Yoga for Athletic Balance class live stream continues, we’ve nailed down the sound with a nice new mic. Classes are archived at YogaVibes. Last week’s class is an especially good one for the late season and the holidays. You’ll need a little wall space or a chair or clear coffee… Read more »

Active Yogi: Explore Your Hamstrings

When you focus on stretching your hamstrings—something I hope you do, if they are tight—be sure to think globally. The outer and inner edges of the backs of the thigh need attention, too, as I explain in my latest post for my Yoga Journal blog, Active Yogi.

Sneak Peak: The Runner’s Guide to Yoga

If you like to plan your 2012 season way ahead, you might also like to order my newest book, The Runner’s Guide to Yoga, which will be out in April. It’s now available for preorder on Amazon (you’re guaranteed the best price when you preorder). Please check it out! I hope it is a useful… Read more »

Yoga for Runners

I enjoyed working with a fun, jolly, game group of runners, many of them new to yoga, at CYCo. this morning. (If you couldn’t make it, the class will be on Yoga Vibes soon; meanwhile, check out the Yoga for Athletes page there, which grows each week!) Here’s what we did, for their reference and… Read more »

Active Yogi: Pigeon Angles

My newest Active Yogi blog post for Yoga Journal looks at pigeon pose from many directions. When I opened this post to link to it, I remembered having written on the subject before, as part of my video series for See that link here.

Pigeon Pose and Its Variations

Athletes have a love/hate relationship with pigeon pose. Most who hate it at first do so because it hits all the tight places in athletic hips. Once those release, folks learn to love it. But in its traditional orientation, facing downward, pigeon pose can be far too intense in an athletic body, causing more trouble… Read more »