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Sage Advice: What Changed?

Like many yoga teachers, often I find students asking me questions after class about ways to relieve a pain that’s newly emerged. In general, I shy away from answering such questions—I’m not that kind of doctor, but if you need a literary text critically analyzed, let me know—and I encourage my teacher trainees to acknowledge… Read more »

Scheduled: Yoga for Athletic Recovery

My colleague Jeff Brown, who teaches our popular restorative yoga classes at Durham Yoga Company, and I are joining to teach a fun summer series: Yoga for Athletic Recovery. We’ll meet Sundays, June 23–July 14, 12:30–1:45 p.m., at the Durham Yoga Company. (Maybe you’d like to come straight from your run, or stop by Rue… Read more »

Ward Off Dead Butt with Yoga

It’s all in the butt; even the New York Times agrees. If you’ve had an overuse injury lately, you were probably advised to strengthen your glutes. These are the largest muscles in the body (I’m not saying your rear end is big, just saying the muscles are big relatively!), and when they aren’t working right,… Read more »

Thoughts on Plantar Fasciitis

Last week, Gina Kolata had an interesting piece on orthotics in the New York Times. After I tweeted on my own experience moving away from orthotics, I had a number of enquiries from students and friends who’ve suffered from plantar fasciitis (PF) asking my thoughts on them. Now, remember: I’m a doctor of philosophy (worse still,… Read more »