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Read: Four Better Off-Season Habits

My series on recovery at will help you set up good habits for a fast 2015. Whether your off season begins at the finish line on Ali’i Drive or has been in effect for a few months already, this is the time to establish habits that can enhance your recovery for the 2015 race… Read more »

Read: Do the Holidays Right: Recover

This entry in my series on recovery at exhorts you to put your feet up and enjoy that egg nog. This time of year, articles offering advice on how to keep your weight down during the holidays are as numerous as cans of pumpkin in the grocery store. Just look at any health magazine…. Read more »

Read: What Dead Legs Are Telling You

The latest in my articles on recovery at asks what dead legs are telling you. (Hint: it’s to rest!) Serious triathletes have a host of words to describe the way their legs are feeling. On the positive side, this includes fresh, snappy, springy, zippy and many more. The converse terms are dead legs, or legs that feel heavy, gunky,… Read more »