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Marathon Training Time

It’s time to start training for fall marathons! One of my yoga students just asked me whether I have a plan online. Indeed I do, more than one. There’s a “paper” version at Athleta Chi. This is great for those who want to print a schedule and stick it on the fridge. There’s also some… Read more »

Big Sur Race Report

I’ve posted a Big Sur race report. My intention when I write such things is to share something of use to those who might run the same event, or approach another from a similar angle. (This race’s angle: watchless running.) Big Sur International Marathon, 2011 with the Runner’s World Challenge Running this gorgeous race, on… Read more »

Letter to a First-Time Marathoner

My best friend since childhood, Dr. Francesca “Kika” Tronchin, is running her first marathon this weekend, St. Jude’s in Memphis. She’s weathered the training with her usual blend of gusto and wit, and she’s going to have a great day on Saturday. I wish I could be there; I’ll be thinking of her as I… Read more »

Wheel Theory

This morning, my local paper ran this interesting story about Duke professor Adrian Behan’s constructal theory—basically, the concept that wheels exist throughout nature and serve as an underlying mechanism for our motion. (Read much more at It’s interesting stuff applicable both to yoga and to endurance sports, where efficiency is everything and where an… Read more »

Pre-marathon Yoga

My cardinal rule in yoga for athletes is that the intensity of the athlete’s training and the intensity of the athlete’s yoga practice must be in inverse proportion. That is, the closer you get to your peak competition, the more mellow your physical practice should become. Hence power, flow, Ashtanga, or hot yoga have their… Read more »