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Active Yogi: Choosing a Teacher

My latest post for Yoga Journal includes an analogy that could be extended to bike frames, wetsuits, or golf clubs. It’s about finding the right yoga teacher to serve your current needs. I’ve just wrapped up teaching a five-day intensive for yoga teachers on working with athletes. It was a wonderful group of enthusiastic, kind,… Read more »

Active Yogi: 108 Steps

My latest post for Active Yogi at Yoga Journal describes climbing Old Baldy, the lighthouse on Bald Head Island with rickety steps, dark landings, and a trap door to the top. Intention, form, and breath got me up, along with some goading from my kids.

Handstand Inspiration

My younger daughter, Vivian, who has no history of gymnastics lessons, has decided to master an unsupported handstand. She’s already pretty great at doing it against the wall—something she watches me do in my home yoga practice sometimes—but this drive to handstand in free space is impressive. A few times each day (including, to the… Read more »

Sage Advice: Prerace Nerves

I’ve gotten a host of good questions from readers this morning and hope to cover them in the next few posts. One, via Twitter, is especially germane for me today, as I approach a challenging trail race on Saturday. Ainhoa asks, “Do you have something for managing stress, let’s say pre-race for instance.” Yes! Both… Read more »