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Active Yogi: Stress and Rest

Greetings from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Rest, where I am leading an intensive on teaching yoga to athletes. Yesterday, we talked about progressive overload—the proper application of stress and rest. And fittingly, that’s the topic for the latest blog post at Active Yogi at Yoga Journal. Please check it out.

Thoughts on the RW Run Streak

As the author of a book (The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery) and a column (Serious Recovery) on recovery, I take rest seriously and hold my rest days as sacrosanct. But as a coach, I like to try out various approaches to see how they feel. With an open mind, then, I joined my colleagues and readers… Read more »

Sage Advice: IT Band Boilerplate

I get questions from y’all sometimes, and they are usually interesting and often good fodder for a blog post. IT band problems are so frequent that I created a boilerplate response in Evernote, ready to whip out at a moment’s notice. Here it is. Caveat: I am not a PT or medical doctor. Just a… Read more »

Maintenance Mode

My athlete Erin, who discovered a surprising, if fleeting, taste for Marmite during Ironman South Africa, is entering her first year of emergency-medicine residency. Given the demanding schedule and her plans to enjoy the spring triathlon schedule in New Orleans, she asked me what she should be doing now. Here’s what I prescribed; I hope… Read more »

On Barefoot Running

I said Friday I didn’t want to open the barefoot running can of worms. Ross Tucker does it beautifully on the Science of Sport blog, in a recap from the ACSM meeting in Denver. Great reading.

In Praise of Juil Sandals

Regardless of my thoughts on minimalism in running shoes (a can of worms I greatly prefer not to open), I am a wholehearted advocate of letting your feet move naturally and, in yoga, in running, and in general, using only what we need to get the job done and nothing more (with a few aesthetic… Read more »

Sage Advice: How Much Is Too Much?

Scott, a cyclist in Brooklyn, asked me a very interesting technical question about proper back position for snap accelerations and sprints on the bike. I deferred the specifics to my friend Victor Jimenez of the Bicycle Lab, a fitter, bike-builder (his line is called Karma, which I love; he built my husband’s Guru bike, too!),… Read more »

In Praise of Kigos

I’m relaxing in post–long run happiness. (Remember: recovery is key!) While it was too hot to keep on my compression socks (we had an early taste of summer today in North Carolina), my feet feel great in these Kigo Star shoes. Elevating them on the ottoman helps, too. One of the three women who runs… Read more »

Training for the Krispy Kreme Challenge

Three of my athletes are training through the Krispy Kreme Challenge, en route to bigger events, including Ironman South Africa and a six-hour mountain bike relay. This is good, as they can afford the calories (2,400 of them!), and their training for their target races will even be served by running nauseated, as coping with… Read more »

Never Fear

A central paradox of my career is the name of what I do: teaching yoga for athletes. It’s really just yoga, presented in ways that complement what athletes do, and that also work for most folks with tight hips and shoulders (read: Westerners). It’s not, as the name might imply, athletic yoga. Athletes get their… Read more »