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Listen: Bonus Another Mother Runner Podcast on Racing Wisely

Can’t get enough podcasts about running? You’re in luck: while I was in Spokane, Another Mother Runner recorded a bonus session with me discussing racing wisely and Racing Wisely. This was recorded live with a group of retreaters who were preparing to run Happy Girls Spokane. In it, you’ll hear lots of racing advice, including my critical soul sucking… Read more »

Scheduled: The Running Summit East

I’m already looking forward to February, when I’ll be returning to present at the Running Summit East. This fantastic event features wonderful speakers—I’m eager to hang with Matt, Peter, and Wendy again, and a little awestruck that I’ll get to meet Jonathan Dugas, from the great Science of Sport blog. My presentations are both brand-new: one based on Racing… Read more »

Watch: More Free Yoga for Athletes Videos

Here are more of the yoga for athletes videos that accompany my August Yoga Journal feature on training for a triathlon: Week 5: Healthy Wrists Week 6: First Transition (T1) Week 7: Second Transition (T2) Week 8: Balance in the Water Plus bonus videos! Using a Mantra Drishti for Open Water The thumbnails are, as usual, hilarious.

Racing Wisely: Postrace Reflection

Here’s an excerpt from my latest book, Racing Wisely, with ideas on using your postrace reflections for self-growth and help in choosing a new goal. Reflection As you take time off of workouts after your peak race, you’ll have some extra free time. Devote this to mental recovery and reflection. It can be tough to be out… Read more »

Racing Wisely: Postrace Recovery

As the major spring running races wrap up, many of us have extra free time on our hands as we recover. Here’s an excerpt from my latest book, Racing Wisely, with ideas on when and how to get back into the swing after your key race. Returning to Training Whether you raced to your personal best,… Read more »

Download: Form Cues

I had a glorious run today, listening to the sound of my breath and my feet and the breeze in the trees. Occasionally I remembered to tune up my form. By the end of the run, I had an idea to capture that voice in my head, so I made you this present: a few form cues… Read more »

Racing Wisely: Managing Expectations

Here’s an excerpt from my latest book, Racing Wisely, that seems especially germane as we hit peak spring race season. As you plan your travel, you also need to consider who is coming with you, what their intentions are for the trip, and how you can preserve both your good relationship with your travel companions and your… Read more »

Sage Advice: Yoga During T2

Eleanore asked an interesting question: Is there a good pose to do during T2 [the second transition, from bike to run, in a triathlon]? Something to help facilitate the transition from bike to run? Not for a sprint tri, but more for longer distance races where an extra two minutes spent in transition might be regained… Read more »

Merge 25K Race Plan Time

Several of my yoga students and friends have been training hard for the Merge 25K, to be run from Chapel Hill to Durham this weekend—and several are running the race after a half marathon last weekend. Whether you want to run hard or just have fun, spending time to think through every decision related to… Read more »

Listen: Another Mother Runner Podcast on Racing Wisely

It’s always a fun conversation on Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell’s Another Mother Runner podcast. I joined them to discuss Racing Wisely, intention and goals, and smart pacing. I suggested they need to be lazy and stubborn; in exchange, they somehow pegged me as Shirley from Laverne and Shirley. Maybe worse things could happen—Shirley had… Read more »