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Racing Wisely: Postrace Reflection

Here’s an excerpt from my latest book, Racing Wisely, with ideas on using your postrace reflections for self-growth and help in choosing a new goal. Reflection As you take time off of workouts after your peak race, you’ll have some extra free time. Devote this to mental recovery and reflection. It can be tough to be out… Read more »

Listen: Another Mother Runner Podcast on Racing Wisely

It’s always a fun conversation on Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell’s Another Mother Runner podcast. I joined them to discuss Racing Wisely, intention and goals, and smart pacing. I suggested they need to be lazy and stubborn; in exchange, they somehow pegged me as Shirley from Laverne and Shirley. Maybe worse things could happen—Shirley had… Read more »

Paper Edition: Racing Wisely

Today’s the day—you can buy your very own print edition of Racing Wisely, to accompany your e-book edition. (They are, verbatim, the same.) Thank you for your support—if you find the book useful, I’d really appreciate a positive review on Amazon! Order here.

Excerpt from Racing Wisely: Wise Mental Skills

Please enjoy this excerpt from Racing Wisely, online at Competitor Running today. Yoga students will recognize the approach outlined here, as will experienced endurance athletes. I hope it’ll inspire you to pay attention to your form and breath, to sharpen your focus, and, frankly, to buy the book, which you can be reading in its… Read more »

Download Now: Racing Wisely

It’s here! At least, the e-book is: you can achieve instant gratification toward long-term satisfaction in your sport by downloading the e-book edition of Racing Wisely. It’s just like the print copy will be, without taking up space or trees. For Kindle, visit Amazon. You can also read online using Kindle. For all other versions (Apple iBook,… Read more »

Download: Racing Wisely Documents

Racing Wisely, my latest book—available soon!—helps you think through every aspect of race day, from choosing the right goal race to packing. The questionnaires, worksheets, and checklists below are explained in full detail in the book, but I’m sharing them with you now in hopes they will be useful as you focus your goals and plans. Here… Read more »

Coming Soon: Racing Wisely

Thanks to all of you for sharing with such self-effacing good humor your stories of race-day disasters! Several of them are featured in my new book, Racing Wisely, which will be available in mid-August. (Sign up for my newsletter, or follow me on Twitter or Facebook, to be notified the moment the book is available.)… Read more »