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Scheduled: The Running Summit East

I’m already looking forward to February, when I’ll be returning to present at the Running Summit East. This fantastic event features wonderful speakers—I’m eager to hang with Matt, Peter, and Wendy again, and a little awestruck that I’ll get to meet Jonathan Dugas, from the great Science of Sport blog. My presentations are both brand-new: one based on Racing… Read more »

The Value of Testing

This intriguing article in last week’s New York Times Magazine talks about the value of pretesting. The results of pretesting help refine the learning process and lead to better outcomes on final exams. It strikes me that the same goes for endurance sports. There’s huge value in pretesting your training. The race itself should not be the… Read more »

Watch: More Free Yoga for Athletes Videos

Here are more of the yoga for athletes videos that accompany my August Yoga Journal feature on training for a triathlon: Week 5: Healthy Wrists Week 6: First Transition (T1) Week 7: Second Transition (T2) Week 8: Balance in the Water Plus bonus videos! Using a Mantra Drishti for Open Water The thumbnails are, as usual, hilarious.

Racing Wisely: Why This One?

The biggest question in choosing a race is why. In this excerpt from Racing Wisely, we explore the big reasons. As you commit to your race, take a few minutes to jot down or type up some notes about why you chose this race. They can be broad (“I’ve wanted to run a marathon ever since I heard… Read more »

Racing Wisely: Choosing a Destination

Racing can be a fun impetus for travel or a major onus. In this excerpt from Racing Wisely, I explain how to consider location, location, location as you choose a race. Choosing the location of your race wisely can set the stage for your own personal best, and location is a very personal decision. Will you target your… Read more »

Read: Mindful Racing

I’m very excited to lead our meditation at Wanderlust 108 in Atlanta, GA, on September 28. Today at the Wanderlust blog, you’ll find an excerpt from Racing Wisely, with some thoughts on mindfulness and running: Any practice can be a mindfulness practice, and many can be mindlessness practices. It’s all about intention and attention. Why are you here?… Read more »

Racing Wisely: Consider Others

Training and racing don’t happen in isolation. In this excerpt from Racing Wisely, I explain how your race choice can affect your loved ones. Consider them as you choose a race. The who of your personal best extends beyond you personally. Even if you live, train, and move through the course alone, you don’t race… Read more »

Racing Wisely: Choosing an Event

This excerpt from my latest book, Racing Wisely, prompts you to consider what you are going for when you commit to an event. Find a downloadable race planning questionnaire at Your personal best race is one where you meet your goals while maintaining a positive outlook according to your intention. The fact that this… Read more »

Racing Wisely: Choosing a Fall Goal Race

It’s the time of year to commit to a fall goal race. As you consider your options, here’s some advice from my latest book, Racing Wisely. Racing at your personal best is different from setting a personal record (PR), although the two can certainly happen simultaneously. When you race at your best, you finish satisfied that… Read more »