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Read: Standing Core Strengtheners

We all know that having a strong core improves our running and everything else we do. But it’s easy to slack off on doing your core work. For the May 2015 issue of Runner’s World, I contributed a quick, no-excuses routine you can do immediately after your workout, or as a standalone sequence in the middle of your… Read more »

Another Mother Runner Retreat!

I’m so excited to join my friends Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell Davis and my soon-to-be friend and colleague Coach Christine Hinton for the first ever Another Mother Runner Retreat in Little Rock, Arkansas, April 16–19. This fun long weekend will include running, inspiring goal-setting sessions, usable nutrition advice, lots of laughter, and yoga led… Read more »

Read: Warm Up While You Lace Up

As a huge fan of efficiency and multitasking, I’m excited to share this shoe-donning-cum-dynamic-warmup routine with you. You’ll find it in the September print edition of Runner’s World, as well as online and in video format (where it’s cheekily named “Get It On”). Enjoy!

Thoughts on the RW Run Streak

As the author of a book (The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery) and a column (Serious Recovery) on recovery, I take rest seriously and hold my rest days as sacrosanct. But as a coach, I like to try out various approaches to see how they feel. With an open mind, then, I joined my colleagues and readers… Read more »

Big Sur Race Report

I’ve posted a Big Sur race report. My intention when I write such things is to share something of use to those who might run the same event, or approach another from a similar angle. (This race’s angle: watchless running.) Big Sur International Marathon, 2011 with the Runner’s World Challenge Running this gorgeous race, on… Read more »