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Read: 5 Yoga Poses for Triathletes

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You’ll find an excerpt from Everyday Yoga up at Triathlete Magazine today. The site design is gorgeous and features the lovely art that Seth K. Hughes shot for the book. (However, the cover image, while pretty, isn’t part of the book.) Please click over and enjoy!

Newly Certified: Briana Roehling

Meet Briana Roehling, newly certified in Sage Yoga for Athletes. Briana and I are birds of a feather—like me, she has coaching certifications from USA Triathlon, Road Runner’s Club of America, and Spinning, and has competed in running races and triathlons of every distance; she’s also a personal trainer. While her strength is obvious, I… Read more »

Read: Music to Make Triathlon Training Fly By

Facing down a winter of indoor training is less brutal when you’ve got good music. I wrote a piece for my friends at Wanderlust with suggestions on how music can inspire your training, along with Google Play channel recommendations (I truly do love Google Play’s curated stations). Training for a swim-bike-run triathlon means many hours of… Read more »

Read: Exclusive Excerpt from The Women’s Guide to Triathlon

Everyday Yoga isn’t my only new publication this summer; I contributed to The Women’s Guide to Triathlon, a fantastic compilation of essays covering all aspects of the sport. (It’s a great book for women and men; you can also read a chapter of mine in its companion volume, USA Triathlon’s Complete Triathlon Guide.) Here’s an excerpt from my chapter, “Alternative Exercises… Read more »

Read: Four Better Off-Season Habits

My series on recovery at will help you set up good habits for a fast 2015. Whether your off season begins at the finish line on Ali’i Drive or has been in effect for a few months already, this is the time to establish habits that can enhance your recovery for the 2015 race… Read more »

Read: Do the Holidays Right: Recover

This entry in my series on recovery at exhorts you to put your feet up and enjoy that egg nog. This time of year, articles offering advice on how to keep your weight down during the holidays are as numerous as cans of pumpkin in the grocery store. Just look at any health magazine…. Read more »

Read: What Dead Legs Are Telling You

The latest in my articles on recovery at asks what dead legs are telling you. (Hint: it’s to rest!) Serious triathletes have a host of words to describe the way their legs are feeling. On the positive side, this includes fresh, snappy, springy, zippy and many more. The converse terms are dead legs, or legs that feel heavy, gunky,… Read more »

Watch: Even More Free Yoga for Athletes Videos

The conclusion of my yoga for athletes video series to accompany the August Yoga Journal feature on training for a triathlon: Week 9: Bike Form Week 10: Run Form Week 11: Breathing for Swimming Week 12: Breathing for Cycling and Running Plus these bonus videos: Race Plan Prerace Preparation See the rest of the series: Week 1: Swim… Read more »

The Value of Testing

This intriguing article in last week’s New York Times Magazine talks about the value of pretesting. The results of pretesting help refine the learning process and lead to better outcomes on final exams. It strikes me that the same goes for endurance sports. There’s huge value in pretesting your training. The race itself should not be the… Read more »