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Watch: Yoga for Athletes Teachers’ Lounge: Reverse Vinyasa

Day 5 of my 2016 Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive included a short practice featuring an alternative to the standard plank–chaturanga–up dog–down dog vinyasa. Repetitive movements lead to imbalances, both in sports training and in asana practice. Shaking up our habitual patterns helps us build new movement pathways and avoid injury. Training can lead to sport-specific imbalances—and so… Read more »

Reverse Vinyasa

This is a follow-up to my variations on vinyasa post, as well as the story of a lightbulb moment. During my fantastically fun intensive on teaching yoga to athletes (there’s still room for a few more in New York next month), I was bemoaning the monotony of the standard vinyasa from plank through chaturanga to… Read more »

Variations on Vinyasa

In my class this week (join me for a repeat Thursday night at 5:45), there are a lot of opportunities for the vinyasa from plank through chaturanga to cobra or upward-facing dog to downward-facing dog. This opportunity happens about forty times in the sequence, which begins with warm-up moves, builds to standing poses, and segues… Read more »