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Watch: Yoga for Athletes Teachers’ Lounge: Standing Poses

Every summer, I offer Teaching Yoga to Athletes at my home studio, the Carrboro Yoga Company. (Registration is already up for the 2017 edition, which runs July 17–21.) I record our practices, so that both the students in them and anyone interested can watch it later. Stream them or download them at YogaVibes, where you’ll also find… Read more »

Everyday Yoga Excerpt: 5 Pre-Workout Warmup Poses

My friends at Yoga Journal will be running a nice series of Everyday Yoga excerpts over the next few weeks. While the book is for not just athletes but everyone, the excerpts are keyed to pre- and postworkout routines, and you can string them together to do a full home practice. We’re starting with a dynamic preworkout yoga—what… Read more »

Read: Warm Up While You Lace Up

As a huge fan of efficiency and multitasking, I’m excited to share this shoe-donning-cum-dynamic-warmup routine with you. You’ll find it in the September print edition of Runner’s World, as well as online and in video format (where it’s cheekily named “Get It On”). Enjoy!

Sage Advice: The Warm-Up

My athlete Donnie has found his niche in mud runs, which let him use his whole-body strength from years of work with an elite trainer and his somewhat newfound running endurance and growing speed. After his most recent race, he asked this good question: One thing I’m wondering about is proper amount of warmup for… Read more »