Yoga Teacher Training at Carrboro Yoga

i heart ytt

I’m in love with this photo from the penultimate weekend of our 2012–13 yoga teacher training at Carrboro Yoga. (Thanks to Elizabeth Matteson of  Inner Voice Wellness for taking it!) In this exercise, we map some of the bony landmarks in the body using dry-erase markers, so don’t worry, this isn’t permanent. My co-teacher, Lies, and I have just finished our exit interviews with the teacher trainees, who range from studio owners and longtime teachers to those who aren’t interested in teaching but who have deepened their personal practice during the training. We are delighted to witness the growth and transformation that happen during the eight months of the program.

Our 230-hour yoga teacher training is designed to destabilize—gently—and to encourage each participant to explore in depth what yoga means and how yoga’s practices can help us find greater connection. Our 2013–14 program begins in September; you can read more about it at the Carrboro Yoga site.