Scheduled: Workshops at Dancing Dogs Yoga Greensboro


I’m happy to visit my friends at Dancing Dogs Yoga in Greensboro for two workshops on Saturday, November 21. Join for one or both:

Everyday Yoga

You love visiting the studio—and we love seeing you here!—but home practice is an important part of a well-rounded yoga routine, just like home cooking is an important complement to eating out. Master teacher Sage Rountree explains the elements of home practice, from warm-up to standing poses, mat work to finishing sequences, and leads a fun, all-levels investigation of how to put these together to create nourishing at-home practices lasting from five to fifty minutes. This workshop will be based on Sage’s latest book, EVERYDAY YOGA, to help guide your home practice as it grows. You’ll leave feeling confident to take your yoga home!

Yoga for All Athletes

Yoga is the perfect complement to your sport, building strength, flexibility, balance, and focus. Come learn how to integrate yoga and your training from Coach, Author, Instructor, and Yoga for Athletes expert Sage Rountree. We’ll explore yoga routines and tools to use before, during, and after your workout, regardless of your sport or level of yoga experience. You’ll leave better-balanced and ready to apply your newfound focus to your next training session!

Read more and register. Note that DDY is moving down State Street in the next month—I’ll post the updated address once the move is complete.

Watch: Yoga for Athletes Teachers’ Lounge: Balance

My latest video to stream on YogaVibes comes from my Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive. Look how steady everyone is in tree pose! Watching the preview, I loved seeing my Swedish assistant Sara pass through the room.

In this online yoga class, filmed on Day 1 of Sage’s 2015 Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive, we investigate balance—not just balance of the body in space, but balance within the body, top to bottom, front to back, right and left. Move through a slow investigation of your hips and shoulders; build your proprioception by balancing in tree pose both standing and kneeling; and unwind in a mellow sequence based in prone tree pose. Along the way, Sage explains how these poses help athletes find better balance for injury prevention. Have two blocks available. (51 mins.)

Watch the full class here.

If you’d like to do the intensive yourself, you can join me at Kripalu in January or in North Carolina the last week of June. See my full schedule here. Or do the whole thing online anytime at!

Scheduled: Running Summit Dallas


The Running Summit makes one more stop for 2015: Dallas, Texas. Join me and these wonderful colleagues December 12–13 for a weekend of informative talks, roundtables, Hoka One One try-ons, and CEU gathering!

I’ll talk about yoga’s place in a running program; lead a fun, easy yoga session; and explain how recovery is the key to performance.

Read more and register. And save $10 when you use the code SAGE!

Watch: Yoga for Athletic Conditioning

The latest video from this summer’s Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive will help you balance your body well for your sport training.

In this online yoga class, filmed on Day 2 of Sage’s 2015 Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive, we practice yoga for athletic conditioning, building hip stability, lower-leg strength, core balance, and all along the way, mobility throughout the joints. Start in standing routines that can double-task as pre workout dynamic warmups; challenge your core; and finally unwind into deep relaxation. As we go, Sage explains how and why to include these sequences in your practice. (81 mins.)

Watch the entire video online at!

Watch: Sequencing Intensive: Sweet and Spicy

The latest video from my Sequencing intensive is a combo of medium-spicy balance work and completely sweet restorative yoga.

In this online yoga class, filmed during Day 5 of Sage’s Sequencing Yoga Classes from Welcome to Namaste, we warm up and move through two standing balance sequences, taking time to build slowly into each and to explore variations. Then we settle to the mat for restorative poses to bring a sweet close to this mid-length practice that will leave you feeling both challenged and relaxed. Have a bolster, blanket and block available. (52 mins.)

Watch the entire class at YogaVibes!

Watch: Sequencing Intensive: Moon Salutations

Moon Salutations offer a wonderful complement to sun salutations—they focus on side bending, put no weight on the hands, and work facing the long side of the mat, meaning they target the inner and outer lines of the hips in ways sun salutations can’t. You’ll find them in my Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga, and now on YogaVibes, where I break down the sequence for teachers or anyone interested in using this template in home practice.

In this online yoga class, filmed during Day 4 of Sage’s Sequencing Yoga Classes from Welcome to Namaste, we set up to face the long edge of the mat. In this new orientation, we explore Six Moves of the Spine, Leg Extended; Moon Salutations (see Sage’s Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga for the template); Dynamic Core, and ITB Flow, all in her book, Everyday Yoga. Enjoy time to practice moon salutations on your own, tuning in to your body’s innate wisdom to move spontaneously. You’ll finish this practice feeling expansive, open, and balanced. Have a block available. (77 mins.)

View the full class—and over sixty more with me—at If you are intrigued by the sequencing explanations, take the online course anytime at Sequencing Yoga Classes from Welcome to Namaste.

Everyday Yoga: Now in E-Book Format

Everyday Yoga Cover

Everyday Yoga is now available as an e-book at both Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks. Load it on your e-reader app on your phone or tablet and you can always have it with you to help you practice a little bit most days!

Or, if you prefer a hard copy, shop online: AmazonBarnes and NobleChapters/IndigoIndieBoundVeloPress

For a personalized signed copy, shop here!

If you have the book and love it, I’m always grateful for five-star reviews on Amazon. Start here.

Read: Yoga Poses for Runners

rp_RGY_72dpi_250pw_stroke.jpgJason Fitzgerald has a nice overview of yoga for runners on his Strength Running site today. I gave him some advice about periodization for the story:

In the off-season and early base, a stronger style of yoga is OK, but as the goal race approaches, and especially in the taper, runners need to stick to gentle and restorative yoga so they don’t jettison all their hard work by overdoing it on the mat.

Read the full piece here. And get all my advice on yoga for runners in The Runner’s Guide to Yoga, available in both paper and e-book format.

Watch: Sequencing Intensive: Warrior Flows

Here’s another practice filmed during Sequencing Yoga Classes from Welcome to Namaste. It’s an exploration of several of the practices in Everyday Yoga.

In this online yoga class, filmed during Day 3 of Sage’s Sequencing Yoga Classes from Welcome to Namaste, we practice several routines outlined in EVERYDAY YOGA: Leg Swing Flow; Warrior I Flow; Warrior II Flow, Side Pigeon, and Wide Folds and Camel. Along the way, explore variations on your own to develop new standing sequences facing both the short and the long edge of your mat. Finish by unwinding into a luxurious savasana. (95 mins.)

View the full practice—and dozens more from me—at YogaVibes.

Scheduled: Yoga for Athletes Five-Day Teachers’ Intensive in Carrboro

Our 2015 group

Our 2015 group

I spent a lot of time at Carrboro Yoga this summer with a lot of wonderful students. The brightest highlight was my annual five-day teachers’ intensive on yoga for athletes. This sympathetic group of lovely colleagues was especially present with and kind to me during the week my father had brain surgery, and I’ll remember everyone fondly.

Collegial happy hour at the café under the studioStill feeling the warmth of the good company, I’ve already scheduled next year’s offering here in Carrboro. Join me Monday, June 27, through Friday, July 1, 2016. You will enjoy both the training and the lovely town, and you’ll leave energized and ready to carve out a niche in the field of yoga for athletes that will both boost your career and, best of all, help your students achieve their best.

Read more and register here.

And if you prefer a winter offering, join me at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health for the same program January 24–29. Better yet, come for the weekend Yoga for Athletes program, too, and you’ll get to enjoy fully the what and the why and the how of my work. That offering is January 22–24, and it’s open to everyone, regardless of sport or yoga experience. We frequently have couples, siblings, and parent-child pairs, where one half is a yoga veteran and the other is a newbie. It’s a great way to enjoy the same program but practice at your own level. Read more on both offerings and register here.