Cannot Predict Now

Who knows what the field of teaching yoga will be like in the next three months? The next six? The next twelve? Not I—and I have a book on the subject, The Professional Teacher’s Handbook, coming out in three months!

One growth field I see is bringing yoga to a group, either in person or virtually, rather than assembling a random collection of students together in a room. This group might be a family unit or household, or it could be an athletic team or a workplace cohort like a medical center staff or restaurant staff.

There are great benefits to teaching a group of folks who know each other. There’s already a rapport. You can be clear on what all your students have in common, what their shared needs are, and how you can help them with yoga.

My full-featured online course Teaching Yoga to Athletes covers just this. We talk about two situations: one, the open class, where you bring athletes to yoga, but the other, the private lesson or team class, where you bring the yoga to the athletes. You don’t need to be working with athletic students for this course to help! We explore how to identify patterns and habits in students’ bodies and minds, then address them with yoga.

I’ve just done a complete refresh of the course lectures, too! You’ll be getting the most up-to-date information and the approach I’ve honed in my eight years of teaching this course in person and online.

Read all about it here, see answers to frequently asked questions, and I’ll look forward to working with you!