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Sage Advice: Medical Emergencies in Class

The first article I ever wrote for Yoga Journal gives advice to yoga teachers about how to deal with medical emergencies in class. Despite every studio’s and teacher’s efforts to create a safe environment, such medical emergencies do happen in yoga classes, as a result of either an acute injury or an underlying condition. Knowing… Read more »

Listen: “Meet the Moment,” Wanderlust Speakeasy

In 2015, I gave a talk at Wanderlust Snowshoe in the Speakeasy—the festival’s version of a TED Talk. I was so nervous! While I’m no stranger to public speaking, this was next-level stress. Instead of the yoga or meditation teaching I’m used to doing, I was talking philosophically about lessons I’ve learned in life. The talk was… Read more »

Sage Advice: What Changed?

Like many yoga teachers, often I find students asking me questions after class about ways to relieve a pain that’s newly emerged. In general, I shy away from answering such questions—I’m not that kind of doctor, but if you need a literary text critically analyzed, let me know—and I encourage my teacher trainees to acknowledge… Read more »

Sage Advice: Mudras for Attention

Sharon in Paris wrote: I am writing to ask you a very interesting question that a student posed to me this morning. I recently taught an apana mudra (index finger tucked, middle and ring touching thumb, pinky out) to facilitate deep breathing. I’m also a runner and one of my runner students asked me if… Read more »

Sage Advice: Yoga During T2

Eleanore asked an interesting question: Is there a good pose to do during T2 [the second transition, from bike to run, in a triathlon]? Something to help facilitate the transition from bike to run? Not for a sprint tri, but more for longer distance races where an extra two minutes spent in transition might be regained… Read more »

North Carolina Literary Festival

If you’re in central North Carolina this weekend, join me at the North Carolina Literary Festival at N.C. State University, where I’ll speak at 11:30 a.m. tomorrow (Sunday, April 6). While the title of my talk is “Intention and Goals: Tools for Your Personal Best,” I’m looking forward to talking about whatever will be most… Read more »

Excerpt from Racing Wisely: Wise Mental Skills

Please enjoy this excerpt from Racing Wisely, online at Competitor Running today. Yoga students will recognize the approach outlined here, as will experienced endurance athletes. I hope it’ll inspire you to pay attention to your form and breath, to sharpen your focus, and, frankly, to buy the book, which you can be reading in its… Read more »

Download Now: Racing Wisely

It’s here! At least, the e-book is: you can achieve instant gratification toward long-term satisfaction in your sport by downloading the e-book edition of Racing Wisely. It’s just like the print copy will be, without taking up space or trees. For Kindle, visit Amazon. You can also read online using Kindle. For all other versions (Apple iBook,… Read more »

Sage Advice: Rest Up

When I visit the UNC men’s basketball team to teach yoga, we make a lot of jokes about napping. Players can fall asleep on a dime; last summer, one of the freshmen fell asleep in legs up the wall and stayed there all the way through the closing. Several former players, now professionals, come back… Read more »