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On Barefoot Running

I said Friday I didn’t want to open the barefoot running can of worms. Ross Tucker does it beautifully on the Science of Sport blog, in a recap from the ACSM meeting in Denver. Great reading.

Sage Advice: How Much Is Too Much?

Scott, a cyclist in Brooklyn, asked me a very interesting technical question about proper back position for snap accelerations and sprints on the bike. I deferred the specifics to my friend Victor Jimenez of the Bicycle Lab, a fitter, bike-builder (his line is called Karma, which I love; he built my husband’s Guru bike, too!),… Read more »

Sage Advice: The Warm-Up

My athlete Donnie has found his niche in mud runs, which let him use his whole-body strength from years of work with an elite trainer and his somewhat newfound running endurance and growing speed. After his most recent race, he asked this good question: One thing I’m wondering about is proper amount of warmup for… Read more »