Guide: The Fastest, Cheapest, and Best Way to Improve Your Teaching

Feedback helps us grow as teachers.

But as yoga teachers, we don’t often get much feedback.

Our students vote with their feet—they return or don’t. We may not receive evaluation from our employers or clients, and when we do, it might be focused on metrics other than the quality of our teaching.

The good news is there’s one fast, cheap, and surefire way for you to give yourself the feedback you need to grow. It’s not fun, but it is simple, and you already have the tools you need.

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Hint: this exercise will also be your homework to complete before my next in-person workshop for yoga and movement teachers. It’s called Language Refinement: Clear Communication in Class, and I’m offering it at Carolina Yoga’s Carrboro, NC, location February 26 and 27, 2022. The times are reasonable because there’s only so much constructive critique we can process at once, and because I want to make this weekend easy for you to travel to!

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