Jenni T and Jenni R

Last Chance to Sign Up: Applied Anatomy with Jenni Rawlings and Jenni Tarma

Yoga teachers and movement geeks: here’s your last chance to sign up for a wonderful applied anatomy training that happens online in real time (or, if it’s better for you, your own schedule) starting this Saturday. Carolina Yoga Company is hosting this training with two wonderful teachers who are experts not only in anatomy and yoga but also in teaching online and in taking sometimes weighty topics and making them clear and accessible!

Jenni Rawlings and Jenni Tarma are your teachers. You can quickly get a sense of both of them and their gifts on their Instagram accounts:

And then learn more about them at their websites, and

Fun fact: Jenni R’s name is pronounced in the typical American way; Jenni T’s is pronounced with a soft J, YEN-ni, as she is Finnish.

The training will cover:

  • Major joints and muscles and their function (and dysfunction)
  • Different types of muscle contractions
  • Common injuries and approaches for dealing with them
  • What constitutes “normal” range of motion, and teaching to account for anatomical variability between students
  • The interconnectedness of the muscular systems and how they affect movement in a broader sense
  • Practical tips for incorporating these concepts into teaching and practice

I am sure there will be plenty of laughs and myth busting along the way. I’m looking forward to it and hope to see you there!

Read all about the training and register here. It’s part of Carolina Yoga Company’s advanced studies teacher training and fulfills a requirement for the YTT, but it’s also open to anyone.