Newly Certified: Cathy Cannon

Meet Cathy Cannon, the newest certified Sage Yoga for Athletes teacher. Cathy came from Roanoke, in the mountains of Virginia, to take Teaching Yoga to Athletes in Carrboro in the summer of 2016. She returned home, continued her work with minor-league hockey players, high school football players, elite swimmers, and other athletes, then started working through the certification side of the course, which lives at Sage Yoga Teacher Training.

Cathy has a deep background in fitness. She has taught group exercise from the young age of 16. (I have, but out of respect for Cathy am not sharing here, an excellent picture of her in electric blue Lycra unitard with her aerobics competition buddies!) While at Virginia Tech, Cathy taught aerobics to the basketball team, so she has long been familiar with the high-performance mentality and sensitive to the needs of athletes in a movement class. She spent several years as a personal trainer before moving into yoga, where her influences include Jivamukti Yoga and a study of Ayurveda.

As you might expect given her background, Cathy’s teaching is practical, confident, appropriately lighthearted, and extremely helpful to athletes of any sport. Her language is crystal clear, her modifications are geared to each student’s unique needs, and her sequences respect the needs of the athlete at various points in the training cycle. I give her the highest recommendation—if you are anywhere near Roanoke, seek her out!

Read more about Cathy at her website,, and her Facebook Page.

If you’d like to follow in Cathy’s shoes, plan your trip to Carrboro for Teaching Yoga to Athletes, July 9–13, 2018, or start your work on the course at Sage Yoga Teacher Training.