Newly Certified: Maricelle Campbell

Meet Maricelle Campbell, one of the newest certified Sage Yoga for Athletes teachers. I met Maricelle in person when she took a workshop with me at the Yoga Journal conference in New York, and I was delighted to have her enroll in Teaching Yoga to Athletes shortly thereafter. And we are really excited to have her enrolled in our Carolina Yoga Advanced Studies Teacher Training—it’s designed to be friendly to distance students, and we’ve had graduates from Sweden and Hong Kong!

Maricelle lives just outside of Toronto, where she teaches boutique classes for athletes, prenatal students, and everyone. Find her online at When you have the good fortune to be in class with her, you’ll love her warm, accepting energy. You may also love her Canadian accent, which goes along beautifully with the it’s-all-good vibe in her classroom. Maricelle knows that concerted training leads to tightness and fatigue, and her sequences keep athletes safe and relaxed, instead of simply piling on more stress. Her students are lucky to have her, and if you’re in Ontario, you should make a point of studying with her!

Want to follow in Maricelle’s footsteps and spend five days with fun colleagues exploring how to teach yoga to athletes of all sports and levels? Join me at one of these three intensives in 2018:

Can’t make the trip? Never fear: the entire program is available online anytime at Sage Yoga Teacher Training. You can move at your own schedule! If, as Maricelle did, you take some time off to have a baby, the program and I will be waiting for you on your own terms. Read more!