Newly Certified: Dr. Cheryl Martin

Meet Cheryl Martin, one of the newest certified Sage Yoga for Athletes teachers. It was a treat to work with her as she moved through the training—her skill set is unique and inspiring. As an emergency physician and ultrarunner, she knows the value of yoga to keep you grounded in every situation. Scottish by birth, Cheryl lives in Melbourne, Australia. Watching her final exam video was a treat, between her hybrid accent, positive spirit, and obvious enthusiasm for the benefits of yoga for runners. And I loved reading her homework, which was always as thorough and evidence-based as possible, while also surprising me with details (and a video, below) about how to handle a snake bite during a trail run, or the antics of Australian-rules football, or the incidence of eating disorders among jockeys.

You can learn lots from Cheryl, too. If you’re in Australia, study with her in person. If not, enjoy this excellent post:

Exploring pelvic spatial awareness and kinesthetic awareness of deep versus superficial core muscle engagement in plank pose. Top: posterior tilt with exaggerated kyphosis with superficial abdominal muscles and glute max doing much of the work 😣 Middle: anterior tilt with exaggerated lumbar lordosis dumping into upper body with poor core muscle engagement 😖 Bottom: Neutral pelvis with even weight distribution and deep core muscle engagement 😊. #yogaasana #yogaforathletes #corestability
Yoga for Runners/Athletes worshops commencing March 2018 more details to follow.

Find Cheryl on YogaTrail and on Twitter, where you Aussies can find links to her upcoming workshops.

Want to spend five days with fun colleagues exploring how to teach yoga to athletes of all sports and levels? Join me at one of these three intensives in 2018:

In the southern hemisphere and can’t make the trip? Never fear: the entire program is available online anytime at Sage Yoga Teacher Training.