Newly Certified: Lori Archer, Kansas City

1V4F6343This beauty is Lori Archer from Kansas City. We connected when she came to Carrboro last summer for my Yoga for Athletes Five-Day Teachers’ Intensive (also available online), and we’ve continued to work together on her certification in Sage Yoga for Athletes. I’m happy to get to see her regularly when she comes to North Carolina as part of her study in our Carolina Yoga Advanced Studies Yoga Teacher Training.

Lori’s presence and her teaching style are calm, clear, and—though this may sound like a cop-out—pleasant. In fact, thinking of a single word to describe her, I have to go with pleasant. She’s just so easy to be around, to listen to, and to follow. When she teaches, this pleasantness helps her students find a reasonable edge that will help them grow in their practice without suffering.


Lori’s students include several players from the University of Kansas football team, and we wish them all best as they pursue careers in the NFL. If you are in Kansas or western Missouri, definitely look her up! E-mail Lori here.