Newly Certified: Shelley Sams

Meet Shelley Sams, one of the newest certified Sage Yoga for Athletes teachers. Although she has been a student of ours at Carrboro Yoga, she’s now living in Malawi, where she teaches both locals and expatriates in Lilongwe. If you’re living there, you probably know her already—the yoga scene is tight-knit—and if you aren’t, let me know if you’re traveling there and I’ll introduce you!

As a recreational tennis player, Shelley focused on tennis-specific work, but she also has a strong understanding of how yoga can help athletes in any sport. Her final project was a lovely sequence for cyclists of a certain age. Shelley’s teaching is inclusive, calm, and reassuring, and she’s a measured thinker open to new experiences, as you might imagine from someone living far from home. It was a special treat to have her drop in on the in-person teachers’ intensive in North Carolina this summer.

If you’d like to join Shelley as a specialist working with athletes, you can get started online anytime at!