Newly Certified: Stacy Sparlin

Meet Stacy Sparlin! Stacy is a gym teacher, a whitewater kayaker, and now, a certified Sage Yoga for Athletes teacher. We had the pleasure of her company in Carrboro all summer, as she completed the intensive version of our 500-hour Carolina Yoga Advanced Studies Teacher Training (next offered summer 2017). (Some of the content is available online, alongside Teaching Yoga to Athletes, at

Stacy_Sparlin and Sage3

As you can expect from a gym teacher, Stacy is positive, energetic, and capable of projecting her voice! She also has a joyful sense of humor and a ready laugh. For her teaching video, she recorded her work with her high school football players. What a joy it was to see her command of the demographic: both efficiently working with high schoolers and offering a sport-appropriate sequence to help them recover and reset for the next practice. My favorite was the end-of-class huddle: “Namaste on three. One-two-three, NAMASTE!”

Stacy_Sparlin and Sage2Stacy lives in Chicagoland, where she works with teams of all levels. Contact her if you want a fantastic yoga coach to help your players build strength, flexibility, focus, and balance, all while paying rapt attention.

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