Vicky Tu in exalted warrior pose

Newly Certified: Vicky Tu

Meet Vicky Tu, the most recently certified Sage Yoga for Athletes teacher! Vicky worked through the course in short order during the pandemic shutdown. Her day job is in R&D at a major corporation in Kansas City.

Because she holds a PhD in neuroscience, Vicky is especially interested in the intersections between the body and mind. She uses this academic background to explore and teach how, in her words, the “human body works and how yoga can help prevent injuries, enhance physical/mental well-being, and make you feel good.” Her questions as she moved through the course showed her keen intellect and desire to understand the how and the why of yoga so she can help her students best.

Vicky’s sports background is interesting and varied, including ballroom dancing and horseback riding. Teaching athletes in these sports is a special interest of hers, as is badminton, a sport her boyfriend has played competitively for two decades. But Vicky serves all her students because she has a special understanding of what the corporate athlete needs, since she is one herself.

As she made the pivot to teaching online, Vicky developed a four-week series of lessons that build progressively and give students tools for balance. I especially like her title: “Yoga for After a Long Day.” I loved watching her teach a session of restorative yoga—her description of meditation, especially why we do what we do when we approach it in a yoga context, was really masterful. Read about the series and find Vicky at her lovely website, Sunrise Rose Yoga.

If you’d like to follow in Vicky’s footsteps, register for Teaching Yoga to Athletes here, then add the optional upgrade to certification.