Upgrade to Certification in Teaching Yoga to Athletes


For those who have already completed the content of Teaching Yoga to Athletes, either in person or online, I offer an upgrade to certification in the field. In this mentorship program, you’ll develop your skills even further by working with me one-on-one.

Your work on the certification track includes:

  • completing homework assignments and revising according to my feedback
  • writing a final exam
  • recording and reviewing a teaching video

Doing this work will:

  • sharpen your understanding of how to teach yoga to athletes
  • develop a playbook of sequences and approaches to help you serve any student
  • give you direct mentoring from me so you can reach your goals faster.

As you progress toward certification, enjoy as much back-and-forth as you like with me via e-mail, phone, and video chat. Together, we’ll be sure that all your questions are thoroughly answered so your understanding of each topic is clear.

If you’re considering this upgrade, I’m happy to chat with you about your goals and what the workload entails. Book a discussion with me here.

Upon completion of an exam and submission and critique of a teaching video, participants who are already teaching at the Yoga Alliance 200-hour level or have comparable experience will receive a certification in teaching yoga to athletes. Teachers in training can complete the course alongside a yoga teacher training such as Carolina Yoga Company’s eight-month program.