Newly Certified: Tracey Turner-Keyser

Meet Tracey Turner-Keyser, one of the newest certified Sage Yoga for Athletes teachers! In addition to being a wonderful yoga teacher, Tracey is also a high school running coach and a wonderful family therapist—this is a triple whammy of goodness in helping people feel balanced, connected, and capable of peak performance.

Tracey is not only sympathetic, she’s empathetic, because as an athlete she knows exactly what yoga tools work, and at what point in the training cycle each is most appropriate. Whether they’re building core strength and balance or enhancing their recovery, her students use yoga as the perfect complement to their training. And they do so with laser-sharp focus—a skill that serves them on the mat, in the classroom, on the course, and in life.

If you are a high school runner or parent of a high school runner in central North Carolina, check out Tracey’s running camp this summer! Students will head into cross-country season centered, fit, and ready to run. And read more about Tracey’s work here.