Plan a Year of Classes in Five Weeks: Designing Your Yoga Playbook

If you want to make class planning easy, fun, quick, and painless (because why wouldn’t you?), please join me next week as we begin Designing Your Yoga Playbook. This live online workshop is hosted by The Thread Yoga Collective.

Below, I answer some frequently asked questions about the course.

When do we meet?

Five Tuesdays in a row, June 4–July 2, 2:00–3:15 p.m. EDT

What should I do between now and then?

First, and most critically, sign up ASAP!

Then, I suggest you read The Art of Yoga Sequencing, as the workshop series is based on the book. But if you don’t have time to read before we start, no worries, I’ll bring you up to speed in session one.

Where do we meet?

Live online—which means you can join from anywhere you are! I’ll be leading from at least three discrete locations over these five weeks.

What if I can’t make one or all of the live sessions?

You’ll get access to the recorded sessions and a workspace with the homework and resources, so you can catch up on your own time.

How much homework is there?

That’s up to you! If you can dedicate a second 75 minutes per week to homework, I am 100 percent sure you’ll have a robust playbook in a total of 10 hours of your time. Think of all the energy you’ll save by getting all of your sequences—and your peers’—in one place! You’ll be able to plan fresh, balanced classes in only a few minutes a week.

We will also have time for dedicated work sessions during our weekly meetings, so you will get the ball rolling on each week’s exercises with me there live to coach you.

Is there any movement involved?

Yes! Our live meetings will involve lecture, discussion, some heads-down time to start on the work, and Q&A. We may hop out of our chairs to illustrate points with a little movement along the way, but if you’re not dressed for movement, it’ll be fully optional.

I’ll share some example sequences with you in our shared workspace. That means that outside of the class time, you can follow along with guided movement classes and feel these concepts somatically, as well as thinking about them intellectually.

I teach [fill-in-the-blank] style yoga, is this for me?

It decidedly is, yes! This modular approach to sequencing applies to all styles of yoga from gentle to sweaty flow. It even applies to other movement modalities, like Pilates and dance.

I actually don’t teach yoga yet/am in YTT, is this for me?

Totally, we’d love to have you. If you are joining to work on sequencing your own home practice, you’ll find tons of ideas and a supportive group of teachers to bounce your questions off of.

Are there CEUs?

Yes, indeed, you’ll get 15 Yoga Alliance CEUs.

We start next Tuesday, so it’s time to sign up right now!