Preorder Sequencing Book and Get the Library Free

The Art of Yoga Sequencing publishes March 12, just over two weeks away!

Have you preordered the book yet?

If you have already preordered . . .

I am excited to give you free access to my Sequence Library!

This is a companion video demo library that brings the sequences in the book to life. Between the book and the library, you’ll find it a breeze to plan creative classes for every format and all students.

Just shoot me a screenshot of your preorder and I’ll personally reply with a code to make the $39 Sequence Library free! Drop me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

If you haven’t yet preordered . . .

I sure hope you will! You can put in a preorder wherever books are sold, or ask for it at your local library. There’s a list of options on this page!

If you buy it direct from my publisher, North Atlantic Books, you’ll get 25 percent off and free shipping to your U.S. address when you use the code SAGE.

Then send me a screenshot of your preorder and I’ll share a code to make the Sequence Library free! Just send me an email with your preorder.