Registration Open: Roots and Wings—Fundamentals and Next Steps

with Christine Veit and Sage Rountree



Root yourself in the basics of yoga while learning to fly free in any yoga class. This friendly six-week small-group series puts the fun in fundamentals while encouraging you to leave the nest and explore all our studio offerings.

Our weekly meetings will help you send down deep roots as we:

  • Demystify what happens in a yoga class from welcome to namaste
  • Apply yoga philosophy in simple language
  • Make you a master with yoga props
  • Troubleshoot problem poses
  • Identify the right yoga for you
  • And, of course, answer all your questions!

You will also grow wings with:

  • Follow-up notes after every Wednesday session
  • Doable homework exercises keyed to our textbook, Everyday Yoga, so that you can practice what you’ve learned
  • A six-week unlimited membership that starts on the day of our first meeting
  • Suggestions for studio classes to attend to enhance your work in our small-group setting
  • A full sense of yoga’s role in your life and a group of new yoga friends!

Bring a humble heart, an open mind, and your body just as it is. We will guide you to a deeply rooted sense of connection and a free-flying, lifelong love of yoga.

To ensure the optimal experience for everyone, we have a maximum of 12 students. Space is filling quickly. Sign up today to ensure your spot is secure!

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Q: Am I too old/out of shape for this series? Alternatively, am I too young/experienced at yoga to learn more?

A: No! This series is perfect for everyone, and we will all support you wherever you are in your life journey and yoga journey. The whole group will develop better connection and understanding of yoga as we learn how to adapt the poses for everyone.

Q: If I already have a membership, can I still sign up?

A: Absolutely! This is a wonderful enhancement to your existing practice. You can register for Roots and Wings now and we will happily put a hold on your existing membership during the six weeks of the series.

Q: What if I miss a session during my summer vacation?

A: You’ll still be able to follow along with the post-class notes. While we don’t offer make-ups, the series is such a good deal that you’ll get tons of value even if you must miss a session or two.