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Newly Certified: Jennifer Schell

Meet Jennifer Schell, a newly certified graduate of my online course, Teaching Yoga to Athletes! Jennifer started with the content side of the course and collected her homework as she went along, then submitted it all to me when she upgraded to certification. This is a smart way to move through the training if you… Read more »

Newly Certified: Amanda Frayeh

Meet Amanda Frayeh, the most recently certified teacher to graduate from my Teaching Yoga to Athletes course! Amanda has a background in college sports and a PhD in sport and exercise psychology. You can study with her online from anywhere!

Newly Certified: Jeanine Encizo

Meet Jeanine Encizo, the most recent certified Sage Yoga for Athletes teacher! Jeanine came to yoga as a longtime runner, competitive in both cross-country and track. Like many of us, she found the yoga asana practice to be a lovely complement to the miles she was putting in. Her clear teaching reflects her experience and… Read more »

Newly Certified: Briana Roehling

Meet Briana Roehling, newly certified in Sage Yoga for Athletes. Briana and I are birds of a feather—like me, she has coaching certifications from USA Triathlon, Road Runner’s Club of America, and Spinning, and has competed in running races and triathlons of every distance; she’s also a personal trainer. While her strength is obvious, I… Read more »

Newly Certified: Alix Blair and Tracy Kim

Congratulations to the most recently certified students to finish my Teaching Yoga to Athletes course! Certification is a detailed process that involves in-depth study, mentorship, and work beyond the course content, as well as a written exam and submission and critique of a teaching video. By the end, both I and the student teacher are very… Read more »