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Scheduled: Outessa Women’s Summit

Women: let’s enjoy the outdoors together as we overlook Lake Tahoe in August! I’ll be teaching yoga at the inaugural REI Outessa Summit, a three-day event chock full of incredible views, company, and instruction. Each day I’ll lead a morning wake-up class, a midday workshop (Core Strength for Real People, Building Better Balance, Yoga for Athletic Recovery), and… Read more »

Read: REI Blog and Meeting Sage Rountree

REI has a wonderful blog full of very useful tips for athletes of all stripes. I was happy to write a piece for them with an overview of yoga’s benefits for athletes. You’ll find lots more on yoga for athletes in my books and videos, of course, but read it here to get started. As we approach… Read more »

Read: Closing with Grace

The way you end your yoga class deeply affects the student experience. In this piece, online at the prAna blog, I describe some steps to include to ensure your students enjoy a thoughtful transition off the mat: Your yoga class is a vehicle for student transformation when it has a clear direction. This moves from the… Read more »

Read: Comfort and Affliction

To help students progress, a yoga teacher (or a coach) needs to know when to push and when to back off. I wrote a piece on developing this skill that’s online at the prAna blog. Journalist Finely Peter Dunne famously said the job of a newspaper is to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”… Read more »

Watch: REI/prAna Yoga for Athletes Preview

Here’s a beautiful video prAna made to promote my upcoming REI Yoga for Athletes tour. Full tour schedule is here. While most of the clinics are full, I really hope we’ll get the chance to connect. If you’ve been shut out, use the code sagefreemonth to try my classes at YogaVibes! Look closely for teacher/student footage featuring… Read more »

Read: 6 Steps to Creating a Welcoming Class

Over at prAna Life, I offer six steps to setting a welcoming, nurturing tone that will make your students feel safe and right at home. While the piece is specifically about yoga, it would work in any movement class, and virtually any class at all. Attending yoga for the first time—or taking a class with… Read more »

Read: Sequencing Yoga Classes

A post on my flipbook approach to sequencing interesting, balanced yoga classes is online at the prAna blog today. While it’s written for teachers, the principles apply just as well to home practice. If you’d like to investigate this approach further, you’ll want to sign up for my online sequencing class, which will be available… Read more »