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Watch: Pinup Warmup at Yoga Vibes

Pinup shape

I have a new video up at Yoga Vibes, one of my favorite warmup sequences. It also works nicely as a standalone stretch break targeting shoulders, spine, and hips. I call it the Pinup Warmup because there are several poses to strike: you can Vogue along the way! Here’s a taste: Watch the full video here. If… Read more »

New: Core Strength for Real People: Pinup Warmup

Want to move over the long weekend without having to stand up? Here’s a preview of my new Pinup Warmup sequence, which focuses on mobilization through the shoulders and spine and activation of the muscles that move the joints in the upper body. As a bonus, you’ll get to hold several poses with your hand… Read more »

Watch: Yoga for Athletes Short Practice: Open Heart

My latest class for YogaVibes is a chest- and hip-stretching, heart-opening practice for athletes, chair sitters, and everyone. Yoga Class Description In this short online yoga class for athletes, chair sitters, and everyone, we focus on opening the front of the chest and hips. Relax into both supported and active backbends as you address all… Read more »

Watch: Learn Your Limits

My latest class for YogaVibes explores the places in our body that limit us in asana practice. In this online yoga class for athletes and everyone, we work on learning where our limits are, and what might cause them. Along the way, we develop the wisdom to discern between what we can control and what… Read more »

Practice: Yoga for Swimmers

Thanks to my friends at prAna and YogaVibes, you can enjoy this FREE 30-minute video with easy yoga poses targeting the back, chest, and shoulders. It’s perfect for swimmers—and it includes a swimming-specific breath exercise—but it is also appropriate for anyone. The poses are simple and held for a while, so you don’t need any… Read more »