Video still of Sage lecturing with captions displayed

Teaching Yoga to Athletes: Now with Captions

In 2020, I re-filmed all the lectures for my signature course, Teaching Yoga to Athletes. And now I’ve added captions, to make these lectures more accessible!

As I write in The Professional Yoga Teacher’s Handbook, captions increase the utility of your video, making it both accessible to people with hearing issues and also easy for people to consume without headphones (and without bothering those around them).

If you’re generating your own content, you can add captions using YouTube’s Creator Studio or, with some trial and error, in Facebook. For the online course, I used the service at It was both surprisingly quick and eerily accurate. (This is an unsolicited endorsement!) Best of all, after you review your captions, can automatically upload them right back to your account at, which is what I use and recommend as a video hosting service.

See them in action here by clicking “CC” in the player bar. And click here for a full free sample unit from the course.